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About Us
For over 50 years we have worked in the international mission field, especially in the countries that are closed and restricted to the Gospel. Those years; whether in the field ourselves, or through relationships with international movement leaders dear to our hearts, we have seen and experienced life on the mission field: triumph and tragedy, joy and heartbreak, feast and famine. God is moving powerfully in these nations that are closed and restricted.

We believe God has positioned us to solve a great problem that is still pervasive today - the lack of Scripture resources (Gospel literature and/or Bibles) to undergird the message that is being preached verbally and lived out by missionaries and followers of Christ all over the world.

We want to equip the messengers of the Gospel with the Gospel message in written form.

Even right now, thousands of these messengers have insufficient or non-existent supplies of the Word of God for their ministry. This is what we experienced ourselves and it is what we still see and hear about today. Not to mention the indigenous church, which in most cases, has even less access to the resources needed to purchase the Biblical tools to most efficiently engage in ministry and discipleship.

We are determined to make a difference. Our goal is that every messenger have the tools they need for their ministry. Our mission is to equip the messengers with the message.
About Us
about us

Most Important Story

An Answer to Prayer

We want to be the organization of choice, for anyone who
wants to preach the Gospel to a child, in any language, in
any given nation.

Our Mission: To equip the Messenger with the Message.


Not only do we offer products, we also offer a range of services to enable you
to be as effective as possible in your mission.

To God be all the glory!


:  Our Mission. To make the Gospel available to ALL messengers of God for ANY child, in any language, in any given nation

The Gospel presented in full color animation styled illustrations for maximum
impact and to engage its readers:

> Children's Story Bible

  • The Gospel of John - Soft Cover - 50 Pages - Engl. & Span.  Complete text.

> Children's Gospel of John

  • Bible story Coloring and Activity books (4 Bible story sets / volumes) - loaded with coloring, puzzles, crosswords and more.

> Bible Story Coloring & Activity - See All products page for information on each volume.

Our Mission. To make the Gospel available to ALL messengers of God for ANY child, in any language, in any given nation.


Largest shipment of Christian materials - Children's Spanish Story Bibles sent to Cuba MIS - Burmese (Evangelistic / Christian) Booklet - Bible Stories Vietnamese (Evanggelistic / Christian) Booklet - Bible Stories
 Romans 10:15b   How Beautiful are the feet of those who bring the good news!


Bible Story (Christian / Evangelistic) Booklet Languages AVAILABLE NOW:

Albanian | Amharic | Albanian | Amharic | Arabic | Bengali | Cebuano | Chinese | Creole | English | French
Hindi | Igbo | Indonesian | Khmer | Kiswahili | Lugandan | Malayalam | Marathi | Nepali | Orimifa | Portuguese
Romanian | Russian | Spanish | Swahili | Swedish | Tagalog | Tamil | Telugu | Thai | Tigrinya | Ukrainian | Vietnamese