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About Us


We were compelled to create The Most Important Story evangelistic resource for one purpose: to help you share your faith. Over the past 20 years, churches, ministries, and short term missions groups have used it to share the Gospel in over 170 countries. Visually stunning and available in English, Spanish, and a host of other languages, The Most Important Story (MIS) walks the reader through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, and ends with an invitation for salvation. The artwork features engaging illustrations and bold color choices to appeal to audiences of any age and ethnicity. The MIS is truly the Gospel for everyone! continued below…

Our Mission

It is our mission to equip you with the most effective and attractive Gospel presentation available so you can share the greatest gift of all: the redeeming love of Jesus.
“And now the word of the lord is ringing out from you to people everywhere”
– 1 Thessalonians 1:8 NLT

  • The Most Important Story

    The Most Important Story

    After years of requests for powerful, scriptural, eye-catching material, David was inspired to create the most impactful evangelistic book possible with the goal of using 50% Scripture

  • Massive Russian Outreach

    Massive Russian Outreach

    Massive Russian outreach efforts including MIS distribution for children suffering from the Chernobyl radiation disaster and the special camouflaged Soldier’s New Testament in Russian

  • 1 Million Distributed

    1 Million Distributed

    Milestone of 1 million copies of MIS distributed including work with Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child re-titled The Greatest Gift of All (later known as the Shoebox Book)

  • MIS Distributed to 800 Homes in Havana, Cuba

    MIS Distributed to 800 Homes in Havana, Cuba

    Cuban President Fidel Castro’s own sister, Augustina Castro Ruz, personally went door-to-door giving out the MIS in Spanish to 800 homes in Havana, Cuba

  • 1.5 Million MIS given at Cuban Evangelical Celebrations

    1.5 Million MIS given at Cuban Evangelical Celebrations

    During the absolutely historic 22 Cuban Evangelical Celebrations, President Fidel Castro permitted the Most Important Story (MIS) to give 1.5 million copies of the MIS, NTs and Gospels

  • 100 unique translations

    100 unique translations

    The MIS reached an incredible milestone of 100 unique translations – including languages such as Chinese, Farsi for Iran, Swahili for Kenya and countless more

  • Expanded Product Line

    Expanded Product Line

    MIS Publishing expands the line of products to include The MIS Children’s Bible, The Expanded New Testament, MIS Coloring Activity Books, and The Gospel of John

  • 400 New Churches Established in Vietnam

    400 New Churches Established in Vietnam

    400 new churches were established in Vietnam through children’s outreach parties held in village homes, teaching from the MIS, sending each child home with their own copy

  • MIS in Arabic Distributed to Refugees

    MIS in Arabic Distributed to Refugees

    The Most Important Story in Arabic is distributed to refugees from Aleppo, Syria, Iraq, and in Farsi for Iran

More About Us . . .

The Most Important Story (MIS) is a most effective Gospel presentation available today. The distribution of 92 million copies alone marks an unprecedented milestone in Christian publishing. It has been utilized by leading Christian organizations and denominations around the world. Of special note is this is the book chosen to be distributed through the Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child “shoebox program” for 15 consecutive years. It has been used by Operation Mobilization, the Billy Graham Organization, Child Evangelism Fellowship and countless others. 
Very revealing is its incredible reception in 170 countries and the unparalleled response rate in Vietnam with the fastest growing denomination in the country. Exacting documentation reveals that 75% of non–believers accept Christ upon going through the Most Important Story (MIS) book. It also led directly to over 400 new Christian churches being established. Another amazing fact is that this full color, Scripture filled book is consistently a best seller at the world’s largest book fairs. 
It starts with creation, reveals the sin of mankind and our separation from God, but quickly moves to God’s solution in the person of His Son Jesus Christ. It teaches about the life of Jesus, his death, resurrection, and ascent to heaven. 
The artwork was designed deliberately to be of no particular origin and historically accurate. It clearly explains how to become a child of God, ending with an invitation to accept Christ with a prayer of salvation and a challenge to go and do likewise.

Meet Our Founder

Dr. David Hunt

David was born into a missionary family in Vietnam and raised seeing firsthand the deep importance of spreading the Gospel. So many of the soldiers they shared the Good News with went straight into battle facing death on a daily basis. After working with church leaders for many years, David heard a consistent theme: “We do not have attractive, solid Biblical, and evangelistic materials to share with families.” After looking the world over for such material and finding nothing that met their criteria, he was inspired to create The Most Important Story. The Most Important Story (MIS) accomplished all he desired, resulting in over 92 million copies distributed worldwide.
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